Pantry of Salt and Sugar Release

By Madame Dolores (other events)

Saturday, July 27 2019 9:00 PM 11:00 PM

Artist Madame Dolores Releases Groundbreaking Screed of  Improvisational Electronic Micro-song Compositions

Two years and 500 micro-songs weave an audio diary of resistance and restoration

Multiplatform artist Christiane Dolores releases her third solo album as Madame Dolores, The Pantry of Salt and Sugar with an album launch of a live performance on a water limousine floating down Pittsburgh’s three rivers.  The July release is occurring in celebratory tandem with the Love Pittsburgh Music month long celebration.

A selection of 15 songs culled from a two-year, 500 micro-song project, The Pantry of Salt and Sugar offers raw sonic pastiches, each serving as a touch point for universal themes of tragedy, confusion, loss, acceptance and love. Musical selections range from 2 minute to four-minute pieces, each its own vignette that brings unique imagery and color to form abstract canvases for the ear.

Known for the emotional intensity of her live performances, raconteur Madame Dolores will be joined by fellow musical colleagues Tom Emmerling on drums; Gena on vocals and percussion; Craig Arlet on guitar; Zoltan Weslowski on bass and Herman Pearl on percussive efx  to interpret and perform the Pantry of Salt and Sugar’s electronic soundscapes on Saturday, July 27th, 9 pm to 11 pm on the Pittsburgh Water Limousine.

  • Attendees will be picked up at the South Side Marina.
  • Kicking off the night will be the Intra-stellar Hollyhood, performing tracks from her recent release, Yellow Jacket.
  • Catering provided by Sprezzatura.
  • Cash Bar.

Artist Madame Dolores, who is a first generation immigrant and multiracial female composer and performer, after the 2017 inauguration, took to her iphone not to tweet, but to compose music, wherein she generated deep, electronically soulful and discordant music chronicling her socio-emotional reflections on present-day America. 

States Madame Dolores: “My morning ritual became to pick up my iPhone and compose spontaneous micro-songs – all music, lyrics and vocals are improvised responses to my past, present, and future selves.”

The results are a channel stream of consciousness, an emotional bloodletting and paradigm shift for personal survival during these tumultuous times. What began as a micro-song project has evolved into full on electro-compositions triggered by memories, encounters, reflections and experiences-beyond politics. Influenced by her love of horror films and Euro film noir, science fiction and musical genres ranging from Avant Garde jazz, Funk, 1960’s Italian soundtracks, performance art and punk rock, Madame Dolores’ love of beats, movement and layering of sound, along with her earthy, intense vocals lift each song to its own suspenseful precipice, leaving the listener wondering what’s next in the Pantry. Will it be salty, or sugary?

With less than 10% of music having been created by a woman, Madame Dolores’ strong stance for female artists is present in her musical works as well as her visual art and curatorial practice.  Called “Nina Hagen meets Sun Ra” by her producer, Kevin Reynolds out of Los Angelese, her art riffs on heavy, dark polyrhythms that become an abstract canvas for the ear. The album features the sonic magic of Producer, Kevin Reynolds from Los Angeles and Pittsburgh’s own beloved Producer of deep beats, Soy Sos.

Her first released single, Killing Patterns video was featured as part of Alisha Wormsley and Ricardo Iamuuri’s Public Art work at Market Square, Streaming Space. The Killing Patterns video was created by students from Penn State.

From The Pantry of Salt and Sugar, standout songs include “Land of the Shrinking Hearts,” “Still Lonely, in a Crowd” and “I Don’t Belong to No Country.” Madame Dolores currently performs vocals in Indigenous Resistance and Qlitterati, is an artist member of the #notwhitecollective, and has a traveling exhibition “The Book of White People.”  

The 500 songs of the Pantry of Salt and Sugar can be found on Soundcloud.

Album Cover and artwork by Photographer Gavin Benjamin

This album made possible by the generous donations of these amazing humans:
Gena, D.J. Brewer, Suzanne Werder, Paula Newbaker, Tracy Myers, Matt Calvetti,  Stephanie Giuffre, Sam Turich, Tom Emmerling, Andrew Watson, Rita Formhals, Tamara Moore, Lucille E Dabney, Amy Kerlin,Meda Rago, Susan Sparks, Zoltan Weslowski, Joanna Abel, Patti Amato, , Jessica Fenlon, rah60, Celeste Smith, Sheila Carter-Jones, Sheila Cuellar-Shaffer, John R Ubinger, Chris Ivey, Jess Prentiss, Deneda Wafer, Maria Donna Maneer, Kathleen Mahoney, Ricardo Vila-Roger, Gina Vensel, Suzanne Werder, John Riegert, Judith Kelly, Jen Saffron, Traci Jackons, Carolyn Pierotti, Kenya C Dworkin, Charlet Holley, Tom Schultz, Disa Petrola, Tinsey, Hyla Willis, Alison Safford, Sean Owens,  Kahmeela Adams, Tara Fay, Alisha Wormsley, Rachel Saul Rearick, Esha Thornton, Liz Hammonds, Laura Zorch, Chris Young, Tammy Ryan, Lindsay Oleary, Evelyn Castillo, Kendra Ross, Tracey Turner, Brian Broome, Norman Brown, Adrienne Wehr, Francis Cleetus, Erica Dilcer, Sarika Goulatia, Robert Ziller, Maritza Mosquera, Ryan Freytag, Fran Flaherty, Jaime Mcclung, Donna Fisher, Douglas Levine, Addi Twig, Christina Szejk, Ivette R Spradlin, Juan Fernandez, Amy Lewis, Rachel Klipa, KAREN JAMES, Margret Daham, Kate Temple, Madeline Gent, Mark Whitehead, Dek Ingraham, Erin Katharine, ,John Carson, Veronica Corpuz, Renee Piechocki, Jose Muniain, Laurie Klatscher, Christina Springer, David Greenberg and Heather Kropf!!!






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